[obspy-users] QuakeML catalog import: XML namespaces that qualify for .extra mechanism

Fabian Euchner fabian.euchner at sed.ethz.ch
Thu Sep 26 13:17:33 CEST 2019

Hi all,

currently, only XML extension elements with namsepaces that do *not* start 
with http://quakeml.org/xmlns/ are included into the .extra mechanism. I find 
that a bit too restrictive because

i) Nothing prevents users to assign such namespaces to their extension 
elements (which is fine for development and testing, or documents that are not 
public). Then there is a big surprise that these elements are missing in 
.extra. One has to dig deep into the source code to find out why.

ii) In particular, extension elements that are taken from the semi-official 
QuakeML 2.0 draft (and thus live "legally" in http://quakeml.org/xmlns/) are 

I suggest that all namespaces are allowed (with the exception, of course, of 
the document's namespaces, http://quakeml.org/xmlns/quakeml/1.2 and http://

Best regards,

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