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Chen Gu guchch at mit.edu
Thu May 9 15:31:57 CEST 2019

Hi Gaelle,

import obspy
from obspy import UTCDateTime
from obspy.clients.fdsn import Client
client = Client("KNMI")
tstart = UTCDateTime(2017,8,31,0,0,0)
        st=client.get_waveforms("NL", "G144", "*", "*",
                                  tstart, tstart+3600*24, attach_response=True,filename="G144/"+str(tstart)[0:10]+".mseed")

Here is my code (modified from the obspy online tutorial), used for downloading one-year Groningen data. The mseed file will be saved to the file with name <filename>.


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On May 9, 2019, at 7:56 AM, gaelle vanessa Nana <vanessa.gaelle3 at gmail.com<mailto:vanessa.gaelle3 at gmail.com>> wrote:

 I use this python code to download data, but unfortunatelly, i cannot download. I need your help.

import obspy
from obspy.clients.fdsn.mass_downloader import RectangularDomain, \
    Restrictions, MassDownloader

# Rectangular domain containing parts of southern Germany.
domain = RectangularDomain(minlatitude=2, maxlatitude=12,
                           minlongitude=6, maxlongitude=16)

restrictions = Restrictions(
    # Get data for a whole year.
    starttime=obspy.UTCDateTime(2006, 1, 1),
    endtime=obspy.UTCDateTime(2007, 1, 1),
    # Chunk it to have one file per day.
    # Considering the enormous amount of data associated with continuous
    # requests, you might want to limit the data based on SEED identifiers.
    # If the location code is specified, the location priority list is not
    # used; the same is true for the channel argument and priority list.
    network="XB", station="CM*", location="", channel="BH*",
    # The typical use case for such a data set are noise correlations where
    # gaps are dealt with at a later stage.
    # Same is true with the minimum length. All data might be useful.
    # Guard against the same station having different names.

# Restrict the number of providers if you know which serve the desired
# data. If in doubt just don't specify - then all providers will be
# queried.
mdl = MassDownloader(providers=["IRIS" ])
mdl.download(domain, restrictions, mseed_storage="waveforms",
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