[obspy-users] Warning to read seismic data

Koymans, Mathijs (KNMI) mathijs.koymans at knmi.nl
Mon Jan 8 09:54:20 CET 2018

Hi Edwar, inside the fixed section of the mSEED header there is two bytes that specify the fraction of a second (0.0001) of the record starttime. In the mSEED manual it is defined that this value can be between 0 - 9999, so between 0 and 1 second respectively. However, in this file the value is almost 17000 and will be interpreted as 1.7 seconds by ObsPy and used in the record starttime.


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Subject: [obspy-users] Warning to read seismic data

Hi everyone

I try to read de seismic data and the obspy issued this:

UserWarning: Record contains a fractional seconds (.0001 secs) of 16910 - the maximum strictly allowed value is 9999. It will be interpreted as one or more additional seconds.

I would like to understand what does it mean that.

I appreciate your cooperation and assistance

Edwar Alberto Zambrano Martinez
Ingeniero Civil -UFPS
Magíster en Ciencias de la Tierra -EAFIT

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