[obspy-users] fdsn mass_downloader

Triantafyllis Nikolaos triantafyl at ceid.upatras.gr
Fri Mar 4 13:42:27 CET 2016

Dear all,

I tried to download both HH* and HN* data from an fdsn service using the 
fdsn mass_downloader.

I set to restrictions (channel=HH*) so it downloaded only HH* data.
Then, I set (channel=HN*) but it couldn't download them. I tried by 
setting channel_priorities=("HN[ZNE]", "HN[ZNE]") and at this way, it 
downloaded them.

1) Is there any issue with "channel" and "channel_priorities"?
2) Since I run these commands individually, is there a way to merge both 
channels to the stations' xml?
3) Is there a way to download both HH* and HN* at once?

Thank you in advance,

Nikolaos Triantafyllis
PhD student @ School of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
National Technical University of Athens, Greece
& EIDA Technical Commission at National
Observatory of Athens, Greece

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