[obspy-users] obspy-scan improvement

Anne Deschamps deschamps at geoazur.unice.fr
Wed Jun 1 16:19:30 CEST 2016


I don't know who wrote obspy-scan.
Just I would like to submit an improvement suggestion : should that be 
possible to make the red vertical bar representing a gap of data in a 
color scale going from yellow to dark red (could be a logarithmic scale 
from 10sec to 1d for instance and saturated at the extrem values) 
depending of the length in sec of the gap.

I will help to quickly recognize if gaps are important or less important 
in a global analysis of one year for instance.


Anne Deschamps
Bât 3, 250 rue A. Einstein
06560 Sophia Antipolis
tel: +33 4 83 61 86 16

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