[obspy-users] ISC XML problem

Lion Krischer krischer at geophysik.uni-muenchen.de
Wed Jul 6 21:18:26 CEST 2016

Hi Piero,

that's just a warning. ObsPy should still have parsed the file and given
you a Catalog object to work with.

It means that the resource id 'smi:ISC/magid=603896613' is used twice in
whatever QuakeML file you passed to it. This is most likely an error
within the QuakeML file - it should be very easy to check by just
grepping over the file - best inform the ISC guys so they fix it on
their side.

Depending on what you want to do you might or might not be able to still
use the file - if you rely on the particular relation that exists twice
within the QuakeML file then you cannot use it.



On 06/07/16 20:59, Piero Poli wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently found a problem using quakeXML. If I read XML files generated
> from the USGS page the reader is working, while for the one generated
> from ISC webpage are not readable in obspy. A typical error message I
> got is:
> lib/python2.7/site-packages/obspy/core/event/base.pyc:325: UserWarning:
> The resource identifier 'smi:ISC/magid=603896613' already exists and
> points to another object:
> 'Magnitude(resource_id=ResourceIdentifier(id="smi:ISC/magid=603896613"),
> mag=4.1, magnitude_type='mb',
> origin_id=ResourceIdentifier(id="smi:ISC/origid=602996724"),
> station_count=28, creation_info=CreationInfo(author='NEIC'))'.It will
> now point to the object referred to by the new resource identifier.
> |j?S(N(tget_referred_object(R&((sN/Users/pieropoli/anaconda/lib/python2.7/site-packages/obspy/core/event/base.pytgetReferredOb
> --------------------------
> Thanks,
> Piero
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