[obspy-users] Getting calibration blockette information from obspy.core read

Ringler, Adam aringler at usgs.gov
Wed Dec 3 23:08:33 CET 2014

Hello Users,

Has anyone used the obspy read routine to pull out calibration blockette
information?  Setting details=True seems to show when a calibration
blockette exists and which type of calibration it is, but I am also trying
to get the additional fields.  Perhaps they are sitting somewhere else?

For example something like the following when there is the existence of a
310 blockette.

Found a Sine Calibration Blockette

    Starting Time:  2014,329 16:32:57.5695

    Calibration Duration: 2400 seconds

    Sine Period: 250.000000

    Calibration Amplitude: -36.000000

    Calibration Input Channel: BC0

    Reference Amplitude: 0.000000

    Coupling Method: resistive

    Filtering Type: 3DB at 10Hz

     Calibration Flags: 14

Thanks for any help anyone can give,

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