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Wang, Xiao Xiao.Wang at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Jan 31 17:42:51 CET 2011

Hi Robert,

Now it works. Excellent!

A quick question: what is the default username and password when I visit http://localhost:8080/manage?



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Hi Xiao,

main contact for SeisHub would be me.

The installation instructions are written for the tagged version 1.0.3
of SeisHub which is rather outdated if you plan to use the latest ObsPy
packages too.

I recently changed the SeisHub installation procedure to be fully
compatible with easy_install via PyPI - so you need to call only:

> easy_install seishub.core==dev
> easy_install seishub.plugins.seismology==dev

It will also install a script called seishub-admin within your Python
environment. Call this script to initialize a new SeisHub environment

> seishub-admin initenv /path/to/instance

You don't need to adjust any paths anymore - also the installer allows
to create multiple SeisHub instances in multiple sub directories (if

After that change to the bin directory within the instance path
(/path/to/instance/bin) and run start.sh to start the server. After that
you should be able to connect to the local server via

You probably want to stop the server after the first run and adjust the
settings within the configuration file seishub.ini within the conf
directory or use the web interface for that.

As the installation script is not fully tested yet I expect it to have
bugs - so please report back if you hit an issue. If not its time to
update the installation page and add proper contact information too ;)


Am 31.01.2011 14:27, schrieb Wang, Xiao:
> Hi Tobi, thanks for the reply.
> I installed the seishub at /usr/lib/python/site-packages via easy_install. I searched installed location, there is not file like start/stop or seishub.ini.
> Any idea?
> Xiao

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