[obspy-users] Seishub Server

Wang, Xiao Xiao.Wang at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Jan 31 14:00:44 CET 2011


Apology if I put it on a wrong mailing list, but there is no contact information from www.seishub.org.

I tried to install seishub server. I did operations followed the instruction from http://svn.geophysik.uni-muenchen.de/trac/seishub/wiki/InstallingSeisHub. I did a test by running script seishub-runtests. The running result displays fine. 

Now I want to run seishub server, the instruction from the above link says "2. Go into seishub/bin and correct the directory paths in the start and stop shell scripts. 3.Start SeisHub. (first start-up creates the configuration file conf/seishub.ini) ". But after I checked out the seishub code from the svn, I just got three directory that are: seishub.core, seishub.plugins.exupery and seishub.plugins.seismology. I cannot find scripts of start/stop or seishub.ini file, Even after I setup seishub by calling : easy_install seishub.core/, easy_install seishub. plugins.exupery/ and easy_install seishub. plugins.seismology/.

So how can I run seishub web server and visit it by Web Browser?
Could anyone give me ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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