[obspy-users] Is the attached code correctly applying instrument response?

Alan Kafka kafka at bc.edu
Tue Jun 9 21:20:43 CEST 2020

I think this is a simple question, but just want to make sure I am correctly applying instrument response, and correctly understanding how traces work in ObsPy, in the attached code.

The code has two traces, from two different networks (AM and NE), and for each I used "attach_response=True”.

My question is:

Am I right that the instrument response will be applied to the individual traces correctly, in the sense that it will know which response is associated with which trace, even though it’s all done on one line of code:

tr.remove_response(output='VEL', pre_filt=pre_filt)

It seems like the answer is “yes”, in principle, and the results are the same as when I tried it for just one trace at a time, but just wanted to make sure I have this right.


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