[obspy-users] Crosscorrelation (Anti-correlation) Obspy

Juan Carlos Bermudez Barrios jcbermudezb at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 06:24:16 CET 2017

Dear all

I would like to ask you about cross correlation in obspy, there is a way to
obtain values bewteen (-1 to 1)?? This is to obtain also anticorrelation!!

I am using obspy...templates_max_similarity(), but I obtain only positive
values but in numpy corrcoef function says that corrcoerf fuction takes
values between -1 to 1, is obtain these range values using

And also, is posible to correlate signals with diferents code names (or
id's) with template also with diferent code name, is because I used a
template with other code station and I obtained
"Skipping trace CM.CHI.00.HHZ in template correlation (not present in
stream to check)"

CM.CHI.00.HHZ is the template
CM.ARG.00.HHZ is the signal

And I want to correlate one templated sliced from the same station but also
with diferent stations.

I appreciate a lot of your help,

Best regards!

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