[obspy-users] fetching data from a local data center

Özgür Kurtulmuş ozgur.kurtulmus at deu.edu.tr
Wed Nov 15 13:20:33 CET 2017

Hi everyone,

Is there any chance to download data from a local data center that does 
not implement The FDSN Web Services using ObsPy (or Python)?

This local web service allows users to query earthquake and station 
information to select and download all accelerometric waveforms with 
magnitude greater than 3 in ASCII format. Iwant to download a lot of 
data (approx. 30 stations and 600 records). If it is possible, I want to 
formulate my queries for example station by station to produce complete 
data sets (similar to FDSN mass downloader).

Is there any suggestions for solving this case?


Tevfik Ozgur Kurtulmus (PhD)

Dokuz Eylul University

Department of Geophysics

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