[obspy-users] Polarities and amplitude ratios in Event class (Quakeml)

Peter Schmidt peter.schmidt at geo.uu.se
Mon Mar 13 08:37:21 CET 2017

Hi Christian

The Event class has an attribute "amplitudes" which takes a list of 
obspy.core.event.magnitude.Amplitude class objects. The Amplitude class 
then has an attribute "pick_id" which is used to associate the Amplitude 
object with a Pick class object (by assigning a shallow copy of the 
obspy.core.base.ResourceIdentifier, assigned to Pick.resource_id, to 
Amplitude.pick_id). For an overview of the classes have a look at the 
pdf I attached to a post in the thread started by Hicks S.P. 24/2, 
"Creating an event catalogue"


On 12/03/17 00:06, Christian Baillard wrote:
> Dear obspy users,
> I would like to what would be the best approach to store P, Sv and Sh 
> amplitudes into an Event class for further analysis of focal mechanisms.
> For polarity, I can associate it to a phase in a "Pick" class. But how 
> and where can I/should I associate an amplitude associated to a phase 
> (P or S) following QuakeMl nomenclature , in a "amplitude" class? Do I 
> need to create a new class?
> Thanks,
> Ch.
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