[obspy-users] quakeml remove pick

VICIC BLAZ [PHD0900016] BLAZ.VICIC at phd.units.it
Thu Feb 9 16:30:29 CET 2017

Dear all.

I have a bunch of quakeml event files. Somehow, when they got exported, also some strange picks got exported with them.

now, is there a way to remove pick out of quakeml so next time i try to open quakeml, this pick will not be inside?

i tried with

from obspy import read_events, Catalog
cat2 = Catalog()
cat = read_events("2014-04-22T08_58_27.612000Z.xml")

for event in cat:
for pick in event.picks:
if pick.phase_hint==None:

for event in cat2:
for pick in event.picks:
print(pick.waveform_id.station_code, pick.waveform_id.channel_code, pick.phase_hint)

at last print, there are still picks with no info (None)

Any help would be appreciated

on the link, you can find the quakeml file:

Thank you very much,

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