[obspy-users] Merge two events in one with control on preferred_*

Fred Massin fred.massin at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 12:20:09 CEST 2017


What is the proper way to merge the origins, magnitudes (and all other
elements if possible) of two events coming from different 2 catalogs. And
how to define manually the preferred [origin, magnitude, etc] to pick
between the two versions ?

Say, I would like to add all origins and preferred origin of [event j,
catalog_2] to a copy of [event i, catalog_1] I have made some experiments
using :

merges = obspy.core.event.catalog.Catalog()
merges.events.append(catalog_1.events[ i ])

for elt in catalog_2.events[ j ].origins:

merges.events[-1].preferred_origin_id = catalog_2.events[ j

But I feel like going the wrong way... should I use the Event.update method
? If yes, how ?


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