[obspy-users] fractions of seconds in ZMAP read_events

Alessandro Vuan avuan at inogs.it
Wed Oct 26 00:08:25 CEST 2016

Dear All
actually read_events routine (obspy ver. 1.0.2) is  not able to manage fractions of seconds (ZMAP format). 
Some time ago I sent to obspy users the email below including an example. 
http://lists.swapbytes.de/archives/obspy-users/2015-June/001716.html <http://lists.swapbytes.de/archives/obspy-users/2015-June/001716.html>
I went beyond the problem reading the ZMAP format with an external python parser but I think it should be fixed in read_events.

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> ZMAP read and write routines are unable to manage fractions of seconds as pointed out before.
> Uhm. Pointed out before where exactly? Doesn't sound related to the fix in here, in any case. Please open another issue if there is some other problem.
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