[obspy-users] Advanced triggering and events detection

ROSELIA Stephen Stephen.ROSELIA at supinfo.com
Fri Jan 23 01:13:54 CET 2015

Hello fellow ObsPy users,

I'm new to the ObsPy community and I'm sorry (in advanced) if the subject I'm about to talk about has been treated a lot of times ;)

Here I go! I'm trying to review a large pool of data, perform detections, and generate picks, later on create events, etc.

?The network coincidence trigger is a good way to start, sure, but I have come across some segfaults arising from internal methods from ObsPy (the coincidenceTrigger() method somehow seems not to like some of the streams) and consequently, I had to reduce the number of channels on which the algorithms should be working.

Therefore, I was wondering if some of you have already dealt with that subject and if there was some 'pretty hacks' or even better custom scripts that could be of assistance.



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