[obspy-users] read into full SEED volume

Maccarthy, Jonathan K jkmacc at lanl.gov
Mon Feb 25 16:55:48 CET 2013


Has anyone had any success reading traces from a full SEED volume using obspy.core.read -> readMSEED ?  I know ObsPy isn't set up for doing this, but I can actually read the first station's data like this:

>>> from obspy.core import read
>>> st = read('myfile.seed', format='MSEED')

This produces the correct BHN, BHE, BHZ traces for the first station.  I didn't expect that this would work.  I've tried to read the next set of traces using a byte offset like this:

>>> f = open('myfile.seed', 'rb')
>>> f.seek(mybyteoffset)
>>> st = read(f, format='MSEED')

This, however, produces the same three traces as the previous example.  No byte offset yet has produced anything different.

Does anyone know if it's possible to fool obspy.core.read into reading into a full SEED volume using byte offset and number of samples?  I suspect this may require a more sophisticated interface with libmseed, but I thought I'd ask anyway...

Thanks for your help,

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