[obspy-users] MiniSEED filesize issue

Holland, Austin A. austin.holland at ou.edu
Fri Nov 2 23:11:20 CET 2012

I am writing daily miniseed files for data I am reading out of a winston waveserver database.  The data filesize is showing up as 43M on the linux operating system.  I wrote the file using steim2 compression.
>>> print st
1 Trace(s) in Stream:
OK.U32A..BHE | 2012-10-29T00:00:00.525000Z - 2012-10-30T00:00:00.500000Z | 40.0 Hz, 3456000 samples

A one hour and two minute file downloaded from IRIS using dhi2mseed is only 180kb.
>>> print st
1 Trace(s) in Stream:
TA.W34A..BHZ | 2011-09-05T22:00:00.000000Z - 2011-09-05T23:02:00.000000Z | 40.0 Hz, 148801 samples

This means that my daily files are roughly ten times larger than they should be.  Does anybody have any thoughts on why I might be seeing this?


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